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Kaplan’s Women in Business & IT Leadership Center – Women Can Be Successful Without Being Superwoman

Business News Daily, Nicole Fallon – Home Run Leadership: Baseball Lessons for the Boardroom

Center for Creative Leadership – Leading Effectively. An interview with Howard Fero and Rebecca Herman, authors of Lead Me Out to the Ballgame

US Daily Review. Major League Leadership

Enlarge. Excel. Evolve. Let Your Passion Inspire Others

CEO: The CEO Magazine. Take a Bigger Lead to Get to the Next Base


The Xtra-ordinary Business Builders with Jim Nemley – Guest Rebecca Herman

Voices of the Game with Newy Scruggs – Guest Rebecca Herman

Sabrina Braham of Women’s Leadership Success interviews Rebecca Herman

33Voices with Host Moe Abdou – Episode 676: Rebecca Herman, Leadership Lessons from Major League Baseball

Lean Freak Show with Host Frank Donahoe – Guest Rebecca Herman

The Michael Dresser Show – Guest Rebecca Herman

Clubhouse Chatter with Norm – Guest Rebecca Herman

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