Keynotes, Workshops, and Seminars


Uncover the lessons learned from over 100 interviews in Major League Baseball with managers, coaches, players, and front-office executives and learn how they are transferable to your boardroom, classroom, and anywhere in between.

Learn how to tap into your passion to create a game plan that will inspire and engage your team. Develop a critical habit of “walking the talk” that will set the tone for behaviors throughout your organization.

Discover the power of cultivating relationships and learn a surprising fact about what so many employees want most from their leader. Tap into your leadership potential by applying success strategies used in Major League Baseball from the clubhouse, the dugout, and the fields. This is a fun, information-packed presentation that you’ll enjoy even if you are not a baseball fan.

Learn How To:

  • Lead yourself in a manner that exudes confidence to those around you.
  • Lead others while developing relationships, demonstrating support, and engaging in authentic and effective communication.
  • Lead the game by demonstrating expertise to effectively call the “X’s and O’s” of strategy and game-time decisions.
  • Combine these skill sets to hit a home run by becoming a Major League Leader!

I was impressed by the keynote speech that Dr. Rebecca Herman delivered at the 2014 IBAM Conference in Orlando, Florida. For many years, leadership educators and trainers have taught leadership by telling stories informed by research. Rebecca did just that in a most inspiring and educational talk that bridged the gap between leading and following in the context of one of America’s most beloved pastimes, Baseball. Her memorable presentation was a GRAND SLAM our organization and its members in leadership training and development.

John J. Sosik, Ph.D., CPA, CMA
Professor-in-Charge, Master of Leadership Development Program
The Pennsylvania State University

Dr. Rebecca Herman has developed a base-by-base approach for individuals and firms to create winning leadership at every level. Rebecca shared her insightful disciplines and witty delivery using the best practices and stories from the best leaders in the iconic sport of baseball. Her presentation helped us develop great synergy among our members. Were excited about applying her success principles in practice and in the classroom.

– Sara B. Kimmel, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Business, VP/Program Chair
Mississippi College


Learn how to align your culture and strategy to attain synergy and success. Identify the values and behaviors necessary to achieve the organization’s goals.

Develop a powerful recruitment and selection strategy to complement the organization’s optimum culture. Learn how systems create the highest probability of getting and keeping your culture on track.

Discover why nearly 70% of strategic plans never achieve the desired results … and how you don’t become a statistic.

Learn How To:

  • Define your vision to frame strategy.
  • Clarify your organization’s values and core beliefs.
  • Ensure your people resources have the competencies and attitudes to showcase your organization’s values.
  • Align the expectations for behaviors in with values and beliefs.
  • Design systems to measure, adjust, and reward desired cultural behaviors.